3 am ritual


Casting Instructions for ‘3 am ritual’

First, you should know that you must NEVER just leave the toy before ending the game.

First, you should cut open the toy, then put the rice inside it. sow up the toy, and give it a name. put the toy in water (a sink, or bathtub full with water.) and say tag your it ‘toy’s name'” three times. go hide, count to ten, and then come back. tag the doll and check on it, if it is gone, then you MUST find it, if it is not, go hide and wait some more. to end the game, simply throw salt water on the toy. if you want to be very dangerous, you tag it with a knife, and leave it with the knife, and it will try to kill you!

You will need the following items for this spell:
  • DNA any (saliva, blood, or hair.)
  • any stuffed animal
  • rice
  • salt water
  • red thread and needle
  • yourself

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