A Simple Dowsing Pendulum


Casting Instructions for ‘A Simple Dowsing Pendulum’

Now take your item you chose or made…and connect it with the string, the string has to be able to stand straight from the top not sideways, tie the knot tight so it dosn’t slide. Now find it’s yes and no position. You can also hold it in your hand and charge it, or set in the windowsill in the sunlight or moonlight. Put in salt to cleanse it but some things shouldn’t be put in saltwater so if that’s the case just put in salt or dirt. I advise you enchant it with the elements, example put it through incense for air, dip it in water for well water and in dirt or sand for earth or put it on leaves…like when you make runes. It you have and item that shouldn’t be in water then get a little bit of water and dry it off or put it above steam. I hope this was helpful and enjoy your pendulum.

Now to use a pendulum after you make it you simply hold it correctly by putting the string between your index finger and your thumb then relax your hand downwards or look at a picture of how it’s done(I have one in my album, my album is public) now either think the questions in your head or say them aloud but before questions ask it “what’s your yes position” mine personally spins clockwise or counter clockwise for yes and back and forth or side to side for no, then you must ask “what’s your no position”. For beginners don’t worry about maybe positions yet. Now after you ask a question ask “is this accurate” and give it a little time to shift to yes or no. Sometimes I start off with “are my eyes brown” which is yes then “are my eyes green” which is no. Now if your pendulum dosn’t move give it a nudge it will still awnser questions you don’t know the awnser to correctly.

You will need the following items for this spell:
  • A heavy but light enough object not to break string or thread
  • Crystal
  • Clay made
  • Ring
  • A string
  • A thread
  • Jewelry braiding cords
  • Lightweight chain

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