Angel Spell


Casting Instructions for ‘Angel Spell’

Hold up the feature if you choose it , if not say these words 3 times:

“Angels, Angels come grant my wish I want to become an Angel with beautiful white fluffy wings, I can also fly with them and I can go to heaven if I choose. I can also hide my wings from humans. Angels, Angels please grant my wish, so mote it be.”

Make sure to be a bit louder for “so mote it be.”

Side effects: Large bumps( where wings will grow), vomiting( painful), headaches, thirsty for water and back pain.

Note: It will take one-two month to grow your wings and 1 year to fully grow them and once they sprouted you can show them to people you trust.

Contact me if you got any questions.

You will need the following items for this spell:
  • Quiet room
  • Believe
  • Feature (optional)

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