Aphrodites Flame


Casting Instructions for ‘Aphrodites Flame’

Cleanse a space to perform ritual. Smudged with sage is best.

Build an altar for Goddess Aphrodite, include symbolic love, desire, lust items and include a picture and a few possessions belonging to you and your partner.

Carve symbols representing each persons zodiac sign, elements and any sexual words/ symbols to invoke intent onto the candles.

Annoint each candle with the litsea oil whilst visualizing (meditate) your purpose / desired effects / outcome of ritual. Each partner can do their own candle, or one person can prepare both ( doesn’t really matter)

Using the litmus/ parchment paper,
cut out 2 individual hearts,(must be big enough to write spell/ chant upon)

Using a red/ pink pen (for love) write the following chant: (exactly the same to be written on each heart)

“Oh Great Goddess Aphrodite!
Hear my plea!

Oh Great Goddess Aphrodite!
Will you please help me!

Oh Great Goddess Aphrodite!
Now I know,
The best things in life are free!
Aphrodite, ignite our passion & lust !

Aphrodite! Cometh bearing your torch,
To ignite our desire,
It is a must!

Oh Great Goddess Aphrodite!
In you I shall always trust!”

Write small enough to fit entire chant upon each of the paper hearts.

Then, using a small paint brush , cover the heart’s in the honey/ water solution. Leave to dry.

Once dry, light light each candle.

You will need the following items for this spell:
  • 2 red candles (one for each person)
  • Litsea oil
  • Litmus/ parchment paper
  • 1 tbsp honey mixed with a splash of water

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