“Authentic Spell to obtain Love” spell guide. At night, make a small fire in a cauldron or whatever you have available to contain the fire. Cut out a 3 x 3-inch piece of paper. Also, read…Draw a heart on it and paint it red. Write the name of the person you want in your heart.Authentic Spell To Obtain Love

Think of that person who is attracted to you and can’t resist you! Think of his heart burning with desire for you like the flames of fire. Then kiss the name on the heart. 3 times. Put the paper in the fire while saying these words three times. Do it with the utmost sincerity for a temporary spell…


  • ”Fire, come from below, bring me,
  • love that I know,
  • make my heartburn and shine,
  • to bring the love that will be mine!”
  • Soon my love will come one day, three times stronger and here to stay!
  • ”” SO MOTE IT!”

Stay and meditate on the spell you just cast and see it come true! After concentrating for a few minutes, turn off the heat. Soon your love will come to you!

You will need the following items for this spell For a Simple temporary spell:

  • Cauldron.
  • 1 Piece of Paper 3×3 Inch.
  • Lighter.

How To Perform A Permanent Love Spell

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