Bless a Magical Pen


Casting Instructions for ‘Bless a Magical Pen’

When there’s a new moon, fill a glass with consecrated water, (hope you have) and add some crushed roses, and a pitch of salt place the pen in glass, and the glass where the moon shines directly on it, burn some protection incense, visualize the pen being charged with a blue light, Chant 3 or more times:

“nk so (color) as the (comparation)
always write with te truth,
three times said,
three times blessed
with the moonlight.
Blessed be
serve me right
serve m only,
So mote it be!”

The next day it will be blessed,

Note: Use this pen only to write spells or in ritual only.

You will need the following items for this spell:
  • New Moon
  • Consecrated Water
  • Crushed Roses
  • Salt
  • Pen
  • Glass

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