Blessing Moon Peace


Casting Instructions for ‘Blessing Moon Peace’

Bless and dress Red candle with olive oil and pepper. Say the words:

“May the Lord and Lady grant us the strength and courage to conquer our fears.
Let us see others as our brothers and sisters, to be welcomed instead of feared.
Help me be patient and kind.
To listen before speaking and to think before reacting.
For the good of all , an harm to none.
So mote it be.”

You will need the following items for this spell:
  • Correspondances for Tuesday
  • Candle – Red or Orange
  • Tree – Holly
  • Planet – Mars
  • Deity – Ares/Mars, Horus and Oghma
  • Stone – Bloodstone, garnet, onyx, lava, ruby, sardonyx.
  • Incense Pepper

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