Book Dream


Casting Instructions for ‘Book Dream’

WARNING: If you do thid spell in public you may instantly fall asleep.

Grab your book and place it infront of you.
With your hand or a wand tap the book three times and say:

“With all my power and might,
I wish to go into this book tonight,
The book (name of book)I will go,
and live the life of the main character,
All i ask is for this plea,
This is my wish so mote it be!”

You can repeat the spell and can improvise if needed. For me it has worked all the timesI have said it but one timeI instantly slept for a short time then woke up as if nothing happened but still had the memory of it. Good Luck!

You will need the following items for this spell:
  • Voice
  • Book
  • Someplace quiet
  • memory

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