Break up a Couple


Casting Instructions for ‘Break up a Couple’

Place the velvet under the platter. set the candles on opposite sides of the platter. Place the belongings in the middle side by side. Light the candles and chant: “Let this couple drift apart, let them go opposite ways. Make them leave each other forever, send one away, let the other stay.Then place one belonging on each candle and let them burn. Spread the ashes on top of the velvet cloth. Extinguish the candles. The next day, sprinkle the man’s ashes on the woman and her ashes on the man.They will break up the next day.

You will need the following items for this spell:
  • 2 candles, any color
  • Sheet of red velvet
  • One belonging of both people
  • Flame resistant platter
  • Match or lighter

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