September 25, 2022


Casting Instructions for ‘Break up a friendship’

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Before we begin I’d like to explain the ingredients for the potion:

The water is for clarity

The lime juice is for bitterness

The dark soy sauce is for darkness

The salt is for a “salty” end

The chilli powder is for spice

The mustard seeds are for disgust

The bicarbonate of soda is for a change in chemistry

The cloves are for a wooden future

Write the names of the two people you want to break apart on the first piece of paper like this: “(Person 1) + (Person 2)” write it 8 times. Then full name of the first person 8 times on the second piece of paper and write the full name of the second person 8 times on the third piece of paper. Roll all 3 pieces of paper up and put aside for later.

Fill the bottle halfway with water and pour it into the bowl. Pour 10 drops of lemon juice into the bowl and stir until consistent. Pour a single drop of dark soy sauce into the bowl. Pour in 3 teaspoons of salt and a pinch of bicarbonate of soda then stir again. Add a pinch of chilli powder a few mustard seeds and a few cloves. If wanted use black food colouring to turn the mixture black, if not then use more soy sauce to turn it dark brown. Stir a final time.

Pour the mixture into the bottle and shake thrice before opening again. Place the three rolled up pieces of paper from before into the bottle. If the bottle is now not full. Fill to the brim with water and screw the cap on tight.

As you now shake the bottle chant:

“Coming night please hear my plight,

Bring darkness and drown friendship’s light

Blind the eyes of (Person 1) and (Person 2)

Let them not be friends again

Let all ties break and end

So mote it be”

Place the potion under or near to your bed and repeat the chant every night until the paper in the bottle has dissolved completely.

WARNING!: If you use this spell please note that it is black magic and may have repercussions on you. This spell has been tried and tested, the most notable side effect is that if you know the two people you are breaking apart you will get caught in the very middle of the fight leading to the end of the friendship. They may have no idea why their involving you but it’s a universal balance to put you through some of the pain they’re going through unless it was a toxic friendship and is beneficial for everyone then there are no repercussions.

Good luck! Use the spell wisely and let me know how it works for you x

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