Bring Love To You


Casting Instructions for ‘Bring Love To You’

So first meditate: it can help boost the power. Meditate for about 10 min then put water in a bowl and the rose petals. Let that sit for about 30 min. Next take the water (rose water): it should smell great if not then wait longer. Add a pinch of salt lots of sugar ( it depends how much you wanna be crazy for each other add more salt if you wanna get in fights a lot)

Then say 3 times: “I love (person you love) and want him/ her to love me. O gods and goddesses bring him/her to me.” Then drink it and give some to the other person!

You will need the following items for this spell:
  • Rose petals (red, pink, white, yellow)
  • A very small amount of salt
  • Lots of sugar but do not make it pasty
  • Rain water to freshen it up

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