Bring to Justice Spell


Casting Instructions for ‘Bring to Justice Spell’

This is a bit complex; maybe not. I suggest meditation of any kind before starting, but that’s optional. Please read on.

Place the document next to you. Now place a brown candle in front of your, and the other brown candle in front of the document.

Now close your eyes. Imagine the person who is suing you. Imagine them lying to the court. Open your eyes and stare into the brown candle in front of you.

”With lies and dishonesty,
With justice and help.
The lies prepared today,
They shall soon not yelp.
Not a word of a lie,
Not a word of excuse.
Make this truth inside them,
Now let it loose.”

This is really if the person is going to lie. Yet, to take precaution, I still suggest getting your story straight just in case this doesn’t work.

Now close your eyes again. Imagine the document being torn apart by the judge’s hand, and the judge says, ”Case closed.” It can be any judge; but more preferrably the one that will be in court. Now open your eyes and stare at the OTHER brown candle in front of the document. Now say the following chant:

”Justice and judges,
Acceptance and pleads.
Make me now in the lead,
Now make the judge at ease.
My case is the truth,
Nothing else to be.
Now help me out here, judge,
Mote it be.”

That SHOULD make you win the case; but keep in mind, this is ONLY for last resort, AND if the person is suing you, NEVER VICE VERSA. I hope you have a good case, and plead well. Hope you win the case!

You will need the following items for this spell:
  • Anytime before court.
  • Anywhere before court, or at court.
  • 2 brown candles
  • A document of the court being held

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