Bringing Justice and Revenge

In the realm of magic and spirituality, there has long been a fascination with the idea of justice and karma. Throughout history, individuals who have felt marginalized, vulnerable, or disenfranchised have sought ways to obtain justice, power, and protection when these were not readily available through conventional means. This has given rise to various forms of magical practices, such as black magic and voodoo, which have been employed to restore balance and bring about justice. In this article, we will explore the intricacies of one such spell, a white magic spell designed to bring about justice and karma.

Historical Significance of Black Magic and Voodoo

Historically, black magic and voodoo have been closely associated with marginalized communities, particularly enslaved African Americans and their descendants. These practices emerged as a means for the oppressed to assert their power and seek justice in a world that was inherently biased against them. Black magic and voodoo were utilized as tools to level the playing field, punish offenders, and protect victims from further harm.

The Need for Justice and Revenge Spells

When faced with a system that is inherently biased, individuals often find themselves grappling with the question of how to obtain justice. Hoodoo, a form of folk magic practiced in the African American community, has developed a vast arsenal of justice and revenge spells to address this very issue. These spells aim to rebalance power dynamics, hold wrongdoers accountable, and provide solace and protection to the victims.

Empowering the Victims

One of the primary objectives of justice and karma spells is to empower the victims. By engaging in these practices, individuals can regain a sense of control over their lives, restore their self-esteem, and strive for a better future. The potency and intensity of these spells can vary depending on the individual’s desired outcome and level of eligibility.

Magic spells for Bringing Justice and Revenge
Magic spells for Bringing Justice and Revenge

Casting the White Magic Spell for Justice/Karma

To perform the white magic spell for justice and karma, certain elements and rituals are required. It is essential to follow the casting instructions carefully to ensure the effectiveness of the spell. Here are the components involved:

Moon Phase and Days

The spell should be initiated during the wayning phase of the moon, which signifies a gradual decrease in its illumination. This phase is associated with letting go, banishing, and releasing negative energy. The spell should span over eight days, starting on a Saturday at midnight and concluding on the following Sunday at midnight.

Colors and Herbs

A black candle is used as a representation of justice, karma, and truth. The color black symbolizes protection, absorption, and the banishment of negativity. The herbs Anemone and Salt play essential roles in the spell. Anemone is associated with karmic energies, while salt represents grounding and the earth element.

Archangel and Solar System

Archangel Michael, known for his role as a protector and dispenser of justice, is invoked during the spell. His presence enhances the power and efficacy of the spell. Additionally, the solar system of Saturn aligns with justice and karma, amplifying the desired outcome.

Perform the Spell

To perform the spell, gather the following items:

  • Black Candle
  • Herbs: Anemone, Salt (to be used as incense)

Step 1: Preparation

Find a quiet and peaceful space where you can perform the spell without interruptions. Ensure that you have all the required items within reach.

Step 2: Candle Preparation

Cleanse and consecrate the black candle before use. This process involves purifying the candle with spiritual intent, typically through the use of incense, salt, or consecrated water. Visualize the candle absorbing the energies associated with justice and karma.

Step 3: Ritual

  1. Light the black candle, taking a moment to focus your intention on justice and karma.
  2. Sprinkle the herbs, Anemone and Salt, onto a burning charcoal disc or use them as incense.
  3. As the herbs release their fragrance, visualize the manifestation of justice and karma in your life or the life of the intended recipient.
  4. Invoke the presence of Archangel Michael, asking for his assistance in bringing about justice and balancing the scales.
  5. Focus on your desired outcome and recite any affirmations or specific intentions that align with the spell’s purpose.
  6. Allow the candle to burn down completely, ensuring proper fire safety measures are in place.


The white magic spell for justice and karma serves as a powerful tool for individuals seeking to restore balance and obtain justice in situations where conventional systems may fail them. By harnessing the energies of justice, karma, and divine intervention, this spell empowers victims, punishes wrongdoers, and provides solace to those in need. Remember to approach magic with respect, mindfulness, and responsibility, and always consider seeking guidance from experienced spiritual practitioners.

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