Candal Coral of Love


Casting Instructions for ‘Candal Coral of Love’

Set up a red candle on your altar,right in the centre. Better yet, if you can find a red candle in the shape of a heart…use it

Surround your candle with a ring of Coral Pisces. You know the type of Coral you can find at the beach or get online inexpensively.

Just place a ring of these coral Pisces around the candle on your altar.

Next, around the ring of coral,place a ring of small pink candle.

Use 6-10 of them,that should be enough.

It’s important they are in a circular ring around the coral pieces.

Before you light the candle,sit calmly with your eyes close & visualize your desire. Whether it’s the new love of your life or the love of a new friend. Or to rekindle the love of someone you feel you’re losing.

Feel the love in you visualization deeply.

See you & the person in a loving scene in your mind…feel it.

Open your eyes and light the central red candle first…then light the pink candle.

Close Your eyes & see your love happening again in your mind for a few minutes.

Snuff out the candles & clean up as you do this make a pact with yourself that you will keep your heart open to love when least expected.

Now you are done.

You will need the following items for this spell:
  • 1 red candle
  • 1 pink candle
  • 6-10 coral pieces
  • An alter
  • Visualization

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