Candle of Acceptance


Casting Instructions for ‘Candle of Acceptance’

Set up your altar as you see fit and invoke the gods of our own pantheon. Gods that have the attributes to friendship, socialization and gatherings will be best for this spell. Just never invoke a god not of your pantheon nor gods you do not know about.

Give first prayers and then your offerings. A few springs of fresh rosemary or sweetpea may be most beneficial for this spellwork

Now take the candle in your hand and start to bless it (rubbing in) the oil. As you do chant the following 9 time:

”Gods of my heart, gods of my love,
you all accept and commune so well amongst each other.
Help me in this spell I craft now
and bring the same acceptance amongst those I dwell/work with.”

Continue to enfuse the candle with positive white energy of acceptance. This spell may not make them your best friends but it will make your working/living space less awkward when around them.

Now place the candle down and light it. As you light it see the energy you put into it release and fill you and your home. Hold you hands around the candle and speak the following:

“Gods of my forefather and myself,
please help me to be in the spell craft.
Make me be in the eyes of others
Accepting from they petty idealisms.
Let me truly see the value of,
Greeting all with friendship and love.
Guide my soul and spirit to let others like me,
And let them treasure my ideas and me as well.
Each one unique and special find,
A positive thought their my mind.
To always be kind and fair and caring.”

When done let the candle burn for one hour and blow it iut. Never snuff it out with your fingers, as that’s rude. Then at night repeat the spell. This spell may take a few days of working on it to take hold in the material world. Just keep at it.

You will need the following items for this spell:
  • White taper candle
  • Rosemary oil

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