Charm of Attraction


Casting Instructions for ‘Charm of Attraction’

This spell should be done on a full moon as close to midnight as possible.

Ground yourself, breathe in and out focus on your breathing, clear your mind think only on what your about to do. Take as much time as you need to ground yourself. When you are ready add all the ingredients to the hot water. Grab your necklace and put it in. Hold up the cup and say:

“Aphrodite! Goddess of love, I call upon thee! I invoke thee! Bless this necklace with the power of attraction. I ask this of you, I beg and plead (she’s a goddess you shouldn’t Demand anything) please hear my plea and grant my wish.”

You may say this as many times as you want.

Hold the cup to your chest and visualize how the necklace will work, then place the cup with the necklace in the moonlight to charge. Leave it over night. The next morning take it out clean it up a little if must dump the ingredients outside. And wear it. You will notice that you get complemented much more when wearing it.

You will need the following items for this spell:
  • Moss
  • Sea salt
  • Rose petals
  • A glass cup of hot water.
  • A necklace preferably with a stone clear quartz or rose quartz is recommended.
  • Candles as many as you need to draw energy from. Pink and red is recommended.

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