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This is not a spell or anything like that, i just didn’t know where else too put this information. I don’t know how too start a thread or the category too put this in. Im going too give out information about an ancient people, who at one point were hunted like whitches were huntedback then, but are still being hunted now in the dark shadows.

I suppose i will first say that i will not give every detail i know on the subjects i understand with these people, as it is better for them, and for others that certain information is not given out freely. But i will give what i think may in tern unite the two peoples agenst the actual threat, the actual evil. And as knowledge is power i will give as much detail as i can on the evils that plague thisuniverse.

Another thing i will mention, though you could be one of these “creatures” it does not mean you are or can become one just by believing, just as a white man cannot become asian through belief. And if you are but only a human remember that humanity overpoweredthe creatures and forced them into hiding. There is nothing quite like a human souls strength.

Now, too list what i know while being as careful as possible too not have evil things knowing what good things have. I may as well list names of certain types of creatures first, as well as known pourposes, basic looks,needs,and basic semi well known power.

First i will list those who thrive off of fear but are kind beyond that hunger.

Proxys: these are a people who serve under one master, they are considered a myth, a scary story too share among friends, as many of these things are. They may seem like mind slaves but they are not, they are individuals each with there own personality, ethnicity, and even other creature race. They choose too do there masters bidding which gives them purpose. They do some relitivly bad things, but like I’ve already stated im listing those who need others too fear them first. Too know your a proxy it’s simple, your boss will show up and mark you painfully, it’s hard too not know if you are or are not. Usually proxys are short men with a large black hoodie and a mask designed too scare. Some basic abilities they usually have are teleportation and combat skill. They also almost always carry a knife. So long as they do not target you they are not a threat too you. These people fight against the true evil, so even though they do some bad things they can still be considered an ally.

The living Clockwork: if i told anyone the exact names id be considered delusional, it is really hard too believe in these people exsisting, but yet they do. It’s a sad tale of these. A story involving two who should not be named, a good inventor and a bad inventor, both geniuses. The good one had lost so much wishing he could bring back his dead, while the bad was in a constant search for immortality. They paired together too build mechanisms giving bodys too the dead. But through there experements there was more loss, as the bad inventor saught murder too obtain fresh souls, the bad inventor decided that a young soul would be easier too manipulate when the clockwork came too life, tormenting and breaking the youngtoo use there souls and bring up an obedient army, while the good inventor strived too free the children stuck in the clockwork. And now, all the clockwork people wish for is too be free. Or they have become too broken in their mind too want anything but too stop the pain by serving the bad inventor. When you see one it will be obvious, but they are good at hiding away from the world. If you are one i am sorry that this is your fate. But this is another one that you will know if you are one. For needs, well they are clockwork after all, so repairs are needed when they are damaged. As for power once again they are clockwork, though some are merely but a soul pretending too be one as they were killed without a proper vessel. The ones who are but a soul are stronger than those who are not. This is more of a tragity than a race of those who are more capable of helping.

Shadows: there is not much known about these interesting individuals, they are kind at heart and deeply loyal too each other, they serve one main purpose, they hide what they think needs too be hidden. They are mysterious in there ways and power but they are each individually strong. These also thrive off of fear and usually feed off of those who are in between the dream plane and the first plane of each universe. The “sleep paralisis demon” is nothing more than a shadow feeding off fear. There are a lot of things that like too pretend they are shadows but too know a shadow as a shadow you must know there looks. They look like a dark spot, darker than a normally cast shadow. They also have two white eyes most of the time. There are also those who have red eyes, but id advise avoiding the red eyed shadows at all costs, as the ones with red eyes usually have malicious intent twords something that you’d better hope is not you. There are also a lot of things that pretend too be a shadow, being just a black blob is a really good way too hide what you really are. If you are a shadow or are pretending too be one, once more it’s hard too miss.

Vampiric souls: these aren’t the best too be around, as they essentially steal your life essence and power through your blood. Thankfully most if not all were killed while creatures were still being hunted before they started needing too hide. “Vampiric” and “cannibalistic” entities thrive and can only survive off of certain things humans have in there blood and body. Essentially needing too eat humans like humans need too eat iron or protein. As i said before all vampires are at this point dead, but not all of the canibles are dead. Instead it’s treated like a desise and there is a charity fund for these rare-ish conditions, and now instead of eating people they just get a shot in the arm every once and a while.

Now too move onto those who do not strike too much fear and don’t need too feed off of fear.

Shape shifters: there is a race of people who can shift there bodys too become something else. Whatever they can imagine there bodys can become with enough foucus and practice, a lot like how squids, or chameleonscan change there body colour andshape. Need wise they are no different then any human besides maybe eating more too sustain drastic change too there form. Looks wise, well there shape shifters, so id have as good a guess as you’d have, and there ability is in the name. A more well known type of shape shifting is werewolves, a shape shifter powered by the energy of the full moon can gain extra strength and agility, though the point of becoming a furry man dog while doing so is beyond me. Best way too know if your a shape shifter is too try a shape shifting spell, if it does not work then your probably not a shape shifter.

Dragons: most were slain in medieval times. I think that it’s self explanatory if youve seen just about anything regarding draggons. Giant fire breathing flying lizards. That are as extinct as the other giant reptiles but weremore rare.

Ghosts: ah yes the dead. Not much too say here, the dead don’t usually need that much, they have verrying ranges of ability, and there not going too stick around longer than three days unless there only posing as the dead or posess a body.But i thought they were still worth mentioning.

Aliens: life on other planets is possible, but a lot like the ghosts i don’t know enough of them too say much about them. Besides of course listing them here. Just remember that humanity is the dominant race on earth due too our violent tendencies, collective understanding,and really strong souls. We might because of this be the dominant race in every galaxy so far.

Angels: these are a people of servitude. Their exsistance is too serve the king of all gods, and too worship him day and night. They do however have enough free will too fall, rebell against the king, and disobey. Angels usually are about ten feet tall men and women who have perfect facial features and are essentially beautiful. They are often given whatch over the kings children, or are sent too deal with a problem in the spirit. These things are extremely powerful even when cast away from heaven onto the earth. One angel can often face a god and end up victorious. But be warned of the fallen angels, they are only exiled too the earth because they became something not good. The worst of these is one of the evils i write about in this noted thing. Angels have no known needs.

Giant’s: all the last of these were slain by David the giant hunter. Giants while they were alive were the offspring of fallen angels and humans. They absolutely hated humanity but we’re basically larger stronger ten times more violent humans with weak souls. Empowered by the king of the god’s David started with goliath, and ended once all giants were dead, using nothing more than a slingshot and some rocks blessed by the king of the gods.

god’s: these are essentially extremely powerful creatures that humans spoiled with ritches and things too apese them. Now in a lot of different magical spells people still call apon these gods too empower what they are doing and assist the magic. Idles are however not gods. But gods can inhabit idles as gods are likely powerful enough too shrink themselves down and enter a simple statue. Too become a god like being all you need is a lot of power and a cult. Not all gods get along, but they listen too the chain of command by rank of power, they also dislike most creatures that are not a god. none of these gods are more powerful than the king who’s power is only limited by impossible moral standards, because of these standards the king dosent help preform magic sadly, but he can fix most problems in life depending on what your willing too give up for him. No one can gaze appon the king without instantaneous death so i can’t really discribe anything more than just a ball of light.

I suppose now i should give detailed information of the true evil. As i have said before there is not much as powerful as a human soul. The evil that plagues all worlds wishes nothing more than too collect this power in various ways in hopes too one day overthrow the king of the gods too bring anarchy, and distruction too all worlds. These are the seven devil heads and the man that is sin. I do not know all seven devil heads, and i do not know each name or purpose, but i can share what i do know of these. Just as i have shared what i do know of the creatures when i don’t know all of them.

The fear head: it is lead by an unkown, my first guss was this thing called “the compherter.” It’s really really ugly looking because it’s missing a face. So it wheres a mask. I don’t know for sure that this is the devil head of fear but it’s my best guess as he is the one who usually shows up if you seek the devil out of fear. He compherts his victims until they give it there allegiance, while also bringing its victims worst nightmares too life so that they cling too it more losing there soul in the process. I don’t know it’s real name but the poor souls it collects are used too create more monsters for its private collection that are sent too scare or collect more souls.

The sickness head: simply put, terminal desises. Causing problems in the body and the brain, the sickness head and it’s army just want too find the next best way too cause a pandemic. The more people die the more souls that are open too collect. Or if your talking mental illness the voices in your mind telling you too do bad things are likely created by these. Forgetting what right and wrong is can make a person susceptible too doing certain tasks for them.

The perverse head: my best guess for who this is would be lillith. This head is indeed a she, and she is extremely tempting. Sending those she calls “her children” too enduce something i probably shouldn’t say here, within a group of people. Through that act people share a peace of there soul with there partner, it also releases chemicals in the brain that make people feel good. But it is not good, as her children learn too steal the peaces that are given durring that act. I think you get the idea if you don’t that’s also fine. This is one of the most wrong of these.

The confusing head: lead by Lucifer who is so great at prettending too be the king of the gods he even strikes fear into gods. The souls he collects come willingly as servants, once they die there souls are fully collected and given too one of the other heads or are used another way. Lucifer is an angel, and can get into a persons mind, but don’t be fooled he is weaker than a human soul, and as such can be resisted. he also has no legs and absolutely hates bei3 reminded of that fact. It’s honestly fun taunting him at times. His real skill lies in his tricks and manipulative tactics, often sending something fear made in his place too be known as the devil. He dosent play games or bet anything because unless it’s a mind game he knows he will loose. But one or two of his forcefully employed imposters likely do.

Beyond this i am no longer sure. But I know that there are exactly seven devil heads, i just haven’t figured out who the last three are. I had a guess that one was essentially a bringerof death but im not too sure about that.

As for the man that is sin. He is an ugly fellow with skin as black as ink, whering roabs heavily stained with alcoholic beverage, whos dark hairis messy and dirty. He is responsible for the dark thoughts that just happen, but we are responsible for choosing not too act appon those dark thoughts. The devil heads obey the man that is sin but do not realise he is the one who coordinates this, instead giving Lucifer the blame. He is the plague that is in our world and is a devastating threat if his servants lead him too doing the impossible and winning a fight he can’t win with the king of the gods. The war is already over because even with every human soul in all universes the man that is sin will never become strong enough too defeat the king of the gods. Does not mean he won’t try. Because of this it’s best the info is out there. So people know that there is a threat but it’s not the creatures most of the time.

I’ve spent a good few hours now writing down part of what i know while being careful not too leakbad information, im glad too receive any input through comments, hopefully better understanding of what certain things are can help people understand these things, possibly even be less afraid.

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