Deeper connection to animals


Casting Instructions for ‘Deeper connection to animals’

First, cast a circle and meditate for a few minutes about that animal and your emotional connection with the object that represents that animal. Then imagine all the energy from your heart racing down your arms into the charm. Wait till the charm is warm to the touch before setting it in front of you. Put your right hand over your left both going diagonally and say ‘Dear, (deity(s)) form a bond between us, sharing our emotions through a tether. Let us heal each other to make one better.’ Imagine golden light spilling out from under your hands. ‘Hold us together through thick and thin, when one of us succeeds we both win. I enchant thee stone, feather, or fur to protect and enhance our sacred bond so that we can become more fond.’ Slide your hands out to form a triangle with your fingers. ‘When I have my charm with me our souls tethered will be. But if the charm lies alone the enhanced bond shall be unsewn.’ Pick up the charm and have it with you when you’d like the bond to be enhanced, if strong emotions are felt on their end then the charm will heat up. If you can find a way have them there for the spell and make them a charm that represents you.

You will need the following items for this spell:
  • Supplies for casting a circle
  • hair or feather of animal (optional)
  • If not using hair of animal find a charm or crystal instead
  • Meditation
  • Sacred Space

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