September 25, 2022


Casting Instructions for ‘Dice Divination Extremely Easy’

[lgc_column grid=”65″ tablet_grid=”50″ mobile_grid=”100″ last=”false”]Alright. First up, you need to prepare the spell.

Take the parchment-thing and the marker. Draw 1 circle about 3 centimeters away from each corner, and take the dice.

I want you to sit silently for a moment, the dice in both of your hands. You must cup the dice in your hand and put another hand over it. Remember, you must be the only one to EVER touch your dice after the meditation.

I want you to keep sitting in whatever comfortable position you may have, and open up your hands to stare at the dice. Breathe on them, while visualizing light coming from a natural power source (An element, a spirit animal, or a planet [I use the moon] are some options), entering your head, and swirling down around your arms and into the dice. Cup your hands once more to seal in the energy. Remain like this for about 10 seconds before saying:

‘May the Gods be with me in my will
For the song of the future to trill
And may they whisper to these mere dice
To tell me if or not my future is nice.’

After this is done, you never have to do it again for another question unless you feel the power weakening.

Now, shake the dice within your two hands above the parchment while either asking aloud or thinking strongly about a question, for example, ‘Will I get married soon’ or even something of gossip, such as ‘Will my favorite author publish a new book soon’. Other people can ask you to ask questions as well, they just cannot touch the die.

Whichever die land in the circle are the ones you must take note of. Check to see if it even slightly touched the outline — If so, do not count it.

Now add the numbers within the circle together. For example, if the two within the circle are 5 and the one outside the cirlce is 6, the answer is 10 because 5+5=10.

The following is what the numbers mean (1 and 2 mean you must try again):

3= Good news, an announcement, or a gift
4= Bad news, trouble, or problems in the path
5= Rejoicing; A desire is realized successfully
6= Sadness, often caused by misfortune or defeat
7= Frustration, often caused by financial difficulty or gossip
8= Miscomunication that could escalate into an argument
9= Harmony among people
10= Oppurtunity presents itself (Possibly a ‘Yes’, for it is the best
to get when asking a yes or no question)
11= Estrangement, decreasing your liking of someone
12= Revelation, possibly disclosed by the media or friends
13= Melancholy, An ominous feeling you should pay attention to
14= New friends
15= Someone isn’t being totally honest…
16= Adventure, possibly a trip abroad
17= Success from altering your tactics and approaches
18= A very positive omen, good fortune and plenty of something
(Possibly money)

I hope this helped you.

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