October 3, 2022

Casting Instructions for ‘Dream Of Me Spell. Then, in the place that somehow reminds you of him, imagine a picture of him and watch a slideshow of pictures in your head. Think of him asleep.

If you feel like it, you can literally smile from ear to ear. ear OR you have “butterflies in your stomach”, then you are somehow connected to it. Also, read…The further you imagine it, the more intense the feelings will be for you. Then imagine him and you, alone, somewhere.Dream Of Me Spell

It could be on a bus seat, in a meadow, or in your bedroom, either way, alone (it’s best to imagine where you are right now). Then talk to him as usual. After a while (this part is for more intense feelings), imagine him leaning in to kiss you OR (less intense feelings) hugging you.

Then, when you are finished with your picture, recite: ‘In your mind, I entered, you saw what I imagined. You know how I feel and you know it’s you in this picture.

It may have been a dream but when you wake up it will become a reality for me and for you. (name) I love you, you will love me when you wake up from this repeated dream. I know I’ve invaded your dreamland, but it’s for the best of us. Dream with me”

When you are done picture him once more and try and fall asleep. Signs that it is working: Being shy around you, frequently staring at you, asking to meet you in the place you pictured, sitting by you on the bus frequently.

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