November 26, 2022


Casting Instructions for ‘Eternal Bond’

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Bring the animal to a clean space. If it is too large or small, place you and it within some kind of containment. Calm and reassure the animal. Bring it to a calm state where it can sit comfortably. Take both acorns and two lengths of thread. Tie each thread so the acorn hangs in the middle, then tie one around your neck. Trim the other to size and tie around the animal’s neck. Calm it down. If it flips out, your spell cannot be repeated for a year, so be careful!

Light the first white candle. Repeat three times:
“The threads of the universe slide over and under,
forming beings, existence, and unspeakable wonders.
It will not stop, it will go on forever.
Tie here a knot and bring us together.”
Now, touch your acorn to the animal’s.
Repeat three times:
“Protect him/her from harm and demise.
Let life forever shine in his/her eyes.
Together we live, together we die.”

Now light the second white candle and place the maple wood between you and the animal. Make sure they are not hurt by the candles, and that they do not touch the maple wood.

Chant 3 times:
“Born again, different but the same.
This time pure siblings to our name.
We will live two lives, truly reborn.
May this link never be torn.”

Touch the animal. Imagine energy flowing between it and you. Feel your memories intertwining, a deep understanding forming, and a great calm overcoming both of you. Relax. Feel a communication beginning, and a second life. Feel a link between your memories from your first life and your second. Clearly picture that you will be bonded for two lifetimes, and, depending on how far you bring it, maybe longer.

Now light the final white candle. Place the animal’s ingredient before it, make sure this is not eaten. Pour some water into a bowl for it. If it drinks, you drink. If it doesn’t, you don’t. Place the flowerheads (careful, poisonous!) into the second glass and cover it with the cardboard circle.

Chant once:
“The flowers represent our souls,
held in destiny. Me and you, you and me.”

Say the animal’s name, now touch its ingredient and feel its energy. Visualize its spirit entering your mind. Now touch its head and focus your energy on its mind to send it your spirit.

Address your animal:
“We are together, tightly bound.
No incantation to pull us apart.
Earth, air, water, fire.
We share one heart.”

Light the pink candle. Imagine a rushing wave going deep into the maple wood and the flowerheads. Now imagine one flower bearing your soul and the other bearing the animal’s. This streams into the acorn necklaces. Now they bear some of each soul. Imagine the acorn necklaces giving you and the animal power and longevity while also streaming back the souls so you each are completed by each other. The maple wood gives you life and bonds you eternally. Now light the green candle.

“Our bond will hold us together. The green candle shall draw in our greed.”

Now, move all the candles. Light the black candle, and project your negativity into it. Mentally call to the animal to do the same. Now, when you feel calm, move the candle with the others. Let them burn as brightly as your newfound bond. Now, to finish it, say this thrice:

“Chain us together to this stone.
Neither will ever be alone.
We will protect it, we will defend,
so the bond will never end.
For if this quartz ever breaks, it is sure our bond to take.
Our souls will disconnect and we will be lost,
hearts as icy as a great frost.
Our second life will come to be.
Both (the animal, plural), you and me.
Born together, without pain.
Our great connection we will obtain.”

Using the pen, draw a pentagram on the paper. On the other side, write these details:

  • Animal’s name
  • Your name
  • Animal’s species
  • Shared abilities? (If you would like to have the animal’s strengths and weaknesses as well as your own, say so.)
  • Telepathic communication? (If you want to communicate.)

Now, fold the paper and burn. Collect the ashes and put it in the flower water. Wear your acorn for a week. If the animal is fine with wearing it, make them wear it for a week. At the end of the week, come together with the animal again. If the animal isn’t wearing the acorn necklace, put it on them again. Bring out the flower cup, hold the quartz and repeat the final chant* three times. Now, take off the necklaces. Bury them with the quartz in a place important to you. You may want to consider going to your hometown or the house you grew up in, or even your childhood climbing tree. Remove the flowerheads and bury them with the rest. Pour the water over it. The candles should be snuffed and buried in front of your current residence.

Animal Ingredient Examples:

  • Catnip for a cat
  • For mice or rats, wild berries.
  • For dogs, raw meat or animal bones.
  • For a horse, a carrot or other vegetables that grow underground.
  • If confused, use its favourite treat (-not man-made, of course. Cat food, dog food, etc. are a big no-no).

Other Details:
If the spell fails, the recharge time is a year. If you try it before this time, the animal will run away in the middle of the spell. If they don’t abandon you, they will probably hate you. Using man-made food may prevent you from forming the bond. Reading from a printout of this page is a good idea, as flubbing up the spell counts as failing it. Side effects may include being awake when your animal is and being tired when your animal sleeps, being hungry when they are, gaining their taste for food, etc.

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