Everlasting Love


Casting Instructions for ‘Everlasting Love’

First, lay your candles in a straight line with your lit incense nearby, and place the red rose in the centre of your altar. Chant: “This rose stands for love, which I will have with (name).

Replace the red rose with the white rose and chant: “This rose stands for purity, which our love will be”.

Replace the white rose with the dark red rose and chant: “This rose stands for the courage that we will have”.

Burn the item in the jar, then put the pink rose in after the fire dies out.

You will need the following items for this spell:
  • 2x pink candles
  • 2x red candles
  • 2x white candles
  • 1x white sage incense
  • 1x love/love potion incense
  • 1x red rose
  • 1x pink rose
  • 1x dark red rose
  • 1x jar
  • Something that belongs to lover

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