goodluck on love life spell


Casting Instructions for ‘goodluck on love life spell’

this spell is to help with love life. i know others need it like myself so i will work hard to help solve your problems.

1:grab two of your favorite flowers and place them infront of your bowl

2:fill your bowl halfway with water and lightly add two teaspoons of pink salt to it.

3:grab your charm,”necklace,ring,or bracelet.” aandplace it inside bowl.

4:spritz 2 times with your favorite perfume.

5:add the two flowers into the bowl

6:put your hands over the bowl and chant,”Love, love come to me. Let my spirit run free. Luck and love must i recieve. All by the power of three. so mote it be!” chant loudly. 3 times

7:look at your charm and chant,”Atlast this charm shall give me goodluck, and by fire,water,air,earth. I must find true love!”

8:mix the contents in the bowl with a stick or your finger.

9:let the moon shine your charm(optional but works better)

10:wear the charm wherever, and DO NOT take it off never not even to shower or it will not work.

(this spell was created by me) (thanks and goodluck!)

You will need the following items for this spell:
  • -(favorite flowers)2
  • -charm(bracelet,ring,necklace)
  • -salt(pink salts)
  • -bowl
  • -water
  • -favorite perfume
  • -belief
  • -concentration
  • -fullmoon(optional)

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