He Loves Me Not


Casting Instructions for ‘He Loves Me Not’

On a piece of paper write the reasons why you wish to break this unwanted bond. The selfless the list, the more promising. Take his “something physical” and your “something physical” and place them in the center of the list. Fold the list with the something specials inside. Place the five red candles in a circle position. In the center place the heat proof dish. Set the letter on fire and say the following chant:

“Obsessive of me no more,
Your lust for me shall sore,
With this fire, I burn your desire,
I lock my sacred door.”

Or something along those lines, again, spells are just the guidelines, the magic is what makes it work.
After the paper has burned light the five red candles, imagine them acting as a bearer keeping his obsessive passion for you at bay. Blow each candle out when you are ready to seal the deal.

NOTE: I only recommend this spell if you are truly troubled by this individual or if you just wish him to move on. Do not cast this if you are just annoyed by a boy crush, that might have consequences.

You will need the following items for this spell:
  • Photo or something physically personal of the obsessive i.e. some hair, nail clipping, skin dander (you can get from him touching anything but paper is more suitable since you will be burning it.)
  • Paper
  • Pen/Pencil
  • Five Red Candles
  • Heat Proof Dish
  • Something Physical for you

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