How Love Spell Is Cast.[Instructions]

How Love Spell Is Cast. Casting Instructions


First, pour the oil or water into a bowl. Then take two strings and place them in the bowl with one end sticking out. Close your eyes and chant: “my love won’t run, (s)he will always be mine. True love is love, the kind that we have. So mote it be.” Meditate for a minute or two then tie the two strings together. Dip the cotton ball in and spread it on your neck, chest, and lips.

After you put the strings in the water place a necklace in the bowl. After you chant but before you put on the oil/water take it out and put it on, DONT DRY IT!!!

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Rosewater or rose oil
  • String
  • Necklace (optional)
  • Cotton ball

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