How Do You know if a Love Spell is Working - 3 Visible Signs

The question is, how can I tell if my love spell is working? And the answer is simple: it depends on what type of spell you’re casting. The first thing that you need to know is whether or not your spell will work. If you’re a beginner and don’t know much about witchcraft or spells, here’s a quick guide to help you figure out if your spell will be effective:

How can you tell if your love spell is working?

If you cast a love spell on someone and you notice that they are acting differently towards you, then it is working.

If your loved one is showing signs of affection and attention then it is working. You can also check their energy levels or aura to see how they feel about the situation.

Is there a way to know how long will it take?

The answer to this question is simple: it depends on the person, the spell, and the situation.

If you’re asking about a love spell that you cast on yourself and your partner, then it can take anywhere from a few days to a few years.

The reason why it takes so long is that you have to wait for both of your energies to align and work together as one unit before anything happens in your relationship.

If there are any negative emotions or thoughts coming from either party during this time period, then the spell may not work at all because those negative energies will prevent them from being able to see their true potential together as partners.

How Do You know if a Love Spell is Working - 3 Visible Signs
The wedding ring on the open book casts a shadow in the shape of a heart. Valentine’s Day. Romance. Love symbol. Motion blur.

However, if we’re talking about someone else casting a spell on behalf of another person (i.e., a friend), then there isn’t really any way for us mortals here on Earth to know exactly how long will “it” take.

This kind of magic works differently than ours does; therefore we don’t know what kind of effect it has had until later down the line when something good happens AS WE Desired!

What are common signs of a love spell working on someone?

  • You start to notice that the person is paying more attention to you.
  • They make time for you, even when it’s hard for them.
  • They show more affection towards you than usual, and maybe even express their feelings verbally or physically (e.g., holding hands).

How do you know that the person with whom you want to cast a love spell truly loves you?

  • If you have been in a relationship with this person for a while, and you are sure that they love you, then you can be sure that the spell is working.
  • You will see an increase in affection from your partner. They may start spending more time with you, or even surprise you with gifts or flowers.
  • Your partner’s behavior will change in ways that seem to indicate love for example: he/she might start calling more often than usual; he/she might send texts telling how much he/she misses being around his/her loved one; he/she might try harder at work so as not to lose his job because it means less time spent away from home where there are fewer distractions (this way both partners will benefit).

Are there ways to make sure that the spell is successful, or do we just have to wait and see what happens?

It’s a good idea to make sure you are not doing anything else that could interfere with the spell. For example, if you are using candles in your spell and also burning incense, then the smoke from those two things may interfere with each other. They may cancel out each other’s energy or something like that.

So just make sure that there aren’t any other elements in your life that could be interfering with your love spell.

Also, make sure that when casting a love spell on someone else (as opposed to yourself), it is done with good intentions and not malice in mind!

If someone is doing this for selfish reasons–like wanting another person out of their way–then chances are high that their efforts will be unsuccessful because they did not use proper focus during casting time or even worse: they weren’t honest about why they wanted this person gone in the first place.

How Do You know if a Love Spell is Working - 3 Visible Signs
How Do You Know if a Love Spell is Working – 3 Visible Signs

If you have a few signs that show that your love spell is working then it is probably doing something

If you have a few signs that show that your love spell is working then it is probably doing something.

  • The person you cast the spell on will have a change in behavior

This could be anything from them saying hello to you, to asking for help with their homework, or even just texting more often. If they’re showing any interest at all when they used to ignore you before then this could be an indicator that they’re noticing some changes in themselves and attributing them to your magic rather than just coincidence!

  • You’ll see changes in their appearance

Maybe they start dressing better or wearing makeup? Or maybe they take more time on their hair and skincare routine? These are all signs that someone is trying extra hard because they feel good about themselves (and no one looks good without feeling confident).


If you’re wondering if your love spell is working and want to know how long it will take, then there are a few signs that can tell you. If the person who you asked for help has these characteristics then it means that they are on their way to falling in love with you or already have.

Another thing that might be happening is that the person may start acting differently around other people but not necessarily towards you because they don’t want anyone else noticing what’s going on inside them yet!

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