Love Me


Casting Instructions for ‘Love Me’

Cut one of the apples in half. Wash the knife then carefully cut yourself. Drip your blood one half of the apple. Cut a lock of your hair(yes using the same knife)

Place the bloody apple half and hair onto the tin foil. Pull one rose apart toss out the stem. Place the petals on the foil. Do the Same with the other rose *WAIT* cut yourself again drip each petal with your blood only once. Set the petals aside.

Fold the tin foil into a small square. Find a dirt path. Clear it completely of debris. For females* carve your name in the pink candle with your own fingernails and his in the red candle *For males* carve your name in the red candle and hers in the pink candle.

Light the candles (Warning do not use a lighter). Wrap the tin foiled square in anything that burns. Light the material it is wrapped in. Sit in front on the three flames and stare at them think about the one you love don’t lose focus from them.

When the candles are completely gone (this could take up too four hours notice how I said SMALL) put out the fire. Wait for the foil to cool. Once it cool enough to tough recover the contents. Place them in the box. Then place the bloody rose petals in the box.

Take the second apple carve “Love me my soulmate For true loves bliss is all I feel for the Love me Love me Love me now and forever” carefully with the same knife you used to cut yourself. Hollow out the apple like a pumpkin on Halloween but more carefully. Place the apple in the box. Lock the box and place it in a safe area.

On the following month: Return to the site of the fire. Dig a hole three feet long I foot wide And two feet deep.. Place the box in the hole. Cover it with dirt. Wait until exactly midnight. Then set a fire above the hole. Chant the same thing you carved on the apple 10 times while staring at the flames. Wait one week. Recover the box. If you performed the ritual correctly your love shall love you in return the next month.

You will need the following items for this spell:
  • 1 knife
  • 2 apples
  • 1 roll of tin foil
  • 1 small box tin or wooden
  • 2 red roses
  • Matches (not lighter)
  • 1 small red candle
  • 1 small pink candle

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