October 3, 2022


Casting Instructions for ‘Magic Candy’

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Vampire candy: Add vampire potion to melted white chocolate. Then pour mixture into the shape of a vampire fang on wax paper.

Candy wand: coat pretzel stick with melted chocolate then add sprinkles. Aim your wand at it then say: Enchant!

Candy dragon egg: Pour melted white chocolate into easter egg shell add one lemon drop candy on top before it drys. After it dries cover it with milk chocolate.

[/lgc_column][lgc_column grid=”35″ tablet_grid=”50″ mobile_grid=”100″ last=”false”]You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Vampire candy: white chocolate and wax paper and vampire potion.
  • Candy wand: pretzel stick, any chocolate and sprinkles and a wand.
  • Candy dragon egg: plastic easter egg that opens, white chocolate, lemon drop candy, milk chocolate.


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