Casting Instructions for ‘White Magic Spell to Bring About Justice/Karma’, First and foremost, Historically, black magic and voodoo were the magic of the marginalized, vulnerable, and disenfranchised. Also, read… It arose out of the need to obtain justice, power, and protection as these were not obtained naturally.

The ancestors and early practitioners of black magic were enslaved African Americans, followed by their descendants and neighbors.Magic Spell to Bring About Justice/Karma

How do you get justice when the system is inherently biased against you? Hoodoo has developed a vast arsenal of justice and revenge spells designed to balance power and punish offenders. and protect victims from further victimization.

It also empowers the victims to overcome their situation, restore their self-esteem and create a better and happier life for themselves. Episodes range from mild to aggressive depending on your level of eligibility.

Casting Instructions for ‘White Magic Spell to Bring About Justice/Karma’

Spell to Bring About Justice/Karma (white magic)

Moon: Wayning
Days: 8 Days starting on a Saturday at Midnight and ending on Sunday at Midnight.
Colors: Black Candle
Herbs: Anemone, Salt
Archangel: Michael
Solar System: Saturn

We are using a Black Candle to deal with bringing about justice, karma, and truth. Saturday is in correspondence with Saturn and lends power to justice, and karma. The number eight lends power to binding, justice, and karma. The time of midnight corresponds with revenge. The angel Michael is invoked to bring about justice. The herbs Anemone deal with karma and salt is of the earth

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Black Candle
  • Herbs: Anemone, Salt (use as incense)

Learn how to protect yourself and avoid trouble by recognizing the signs that indicate predatory behavior. Although various spells contain specific tarot cards, no prior knowledge or experience is required as they are used as materials or objects that radiate magical power.

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