Magick Improving Ritual


Casting Instructions for ‘Magick Improving Ritual’

Get a black table/put a black table cloth over a tabe and put a china plate on it. Make a pentagram out of meat strips (expensive works best) and put a candle at each point of the star (preferably white, gold, or both) and light them. Put a drop of your own blood in the center of the star and chant:
Goddes Hecatea, please accept this,
A sacrifice, a blood and candle gift.
As I sacrifice this (say name of meat) to thee,
Just a simple, tiny plea,
Please improve my magick for me
Accept these gifts,
God of thy myths
And grant me access to see upon thee

Chant this in the same room as your sacrifice with all lights off and all curtains doors and windows shut. You should get a piece of white silk to put out the candles an use it for all your sacrifices to Hecate. It improves your magick about 35%.
(Hecatea is pronounced Heck-a-tay)

This spell has improved my magick by miles. Do this every fortnight to become the powerful witch/wizard you always wanted to be! Email me any results, and happy casting!

You will need the following items for this spell:
  • Meat of your choosing (the more expensive the better)
  • 5 white, gold, or white AND gold candles,
  • Matches or a lighter,
  • A black table/table and black tablecloth
  • China plate,
  • A drop of your own blood.

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