Notice Me Spell


Casting Instructions for ‘Notice Me Spell’

Light your candle and put the crystals at opposite sides of the candle.

Next, hold your piece of paper with both of your hands, look down as you say these words:

”I cast this spell on thee to make thy notice me. Air, water, earth fire, your attention I desire”

After saying those words, fold the paper with the targets name on it and drip some of the candle wax on it. Keep this paper safe.

BACKFIRE: If this spell backfires, rip the paper up and either:
– Bury it
– Throw it in a lake/river/ocean/sea
– Burn it
– Let it fly away in the wind.

You will need the following items for this spell:
  • Blue Crystal
  • Pink Crystal
  • Paper with targets name
  • Pink Candle

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