Egyptian spells are many times cast to bring pain and agony to someone or bid away all good from someone’s life for a temporary period or for permanent. We should also note that Egyptian revenge spells are the only spells that can create the most powerful revenge spells and can even backfire, though magic and spells do not this one can. Hence only learned and experienced Spellcasters like Spiritualist Dajmir can cast such a spell safely with no worries about a backfire. Egyptian spells

When to cast revenge Egyptian spells

If we observe keenly we will find that the main reason for most of the spells being cast today are someway or other linked with revenge, be it a love spell to bring back an ex-lover or to get someone attracted towards you or any other form of the spell, that you can think about, they all are born out of revenge.

Why, because most people who seek help with spells have lost something or the other or are not getting what they desire and hence a sense of revenge is born in them, mostly this is in the subconscious layer of the brain which people will not accept but what is the fact is the truth.

Ancient Egyptian culture though gives a new scenario to revenge spells, they distinguish revenge spells as those which are used to harm someone like that of casting curses and hexes.

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What are the revenge Egyptian spells?

Egyptian revenge spells were a part of the ancient Egyptian magic and also the new Egyptian pagan culture, from both the times of practices we have found out that the ways of practicing revenge spells are almost the same in both the different times.

What we have experienced is that once a revenge spell is asked to be cast, the witch or Muhabati would first design a ritual and offer a different kind of flowers and grains to Isis because it is believed that Isis needs to be pleased to cast revenge spells or curses.

Then a new moon day is selected and a picture or some used material or hair or tears or sweat of the person is gathered on whom the spell needs to be cast.

Once these things are acquired then either one or all the things possessed by the person on whom the revenge spell is to be cast is taken and cleaned then a hole is made on the earth near a cinnamon tree and the picture or any other mentioned material is buried in it.

Once done the caster would then light up the cinnamon tree with fire and utter some words of which some are basic words that are to be uttered when casting an Egyptian revenge spell and the rest words are added as per the design of the revenge spell.

It is believed that if any animal comes and gazes at the spot and gets hurt by the pins placed, then only the curse or the revenge spell would show its effect, many witches or even the people who request such spells try to send in animals like goats or cows in the place to accomplish the same.

Once the ritual and the spell casting is over by which the cinnamon tree might have completely burnt to ashes, the ashes are then taken and buried with the picture or any material that was buried, then the grave is covered with a red cloth with three pins to stick it with earth and then a lot of black color flowers or petals are used to cover the grave along with the cloth.