Drawing instructions for a Powerful Love Spell Ritual. Draw the circle, fill it with a loving atmosphere using this chant: Walk through the area twice and chant this verse each time you walk around your sanctuary:

“I consecrate this room with Isis’ loving spirit and Hekate’s magic, to help me with this ritual “As you take this picture a line of pink/red energy forms in the center of the area, and imagine it pulsing energy through the room as hearts flow around it.Powerful Love Spell Ritual

The more concentration you use, the better the effect.Light the white tea lights and the lotus incense stick and now invoke the goddess Isis with this invocation:

“Isis of the Moon, you are all that ever was,

all is this, and all that will be,

veiled Queen of the Night

Come as the scent of the sacred lotus charging this circle with love and magic,

enter our circle on this most magical night!


Now invoke Hecate:

“O night, faithful keeper of secrets,

and you shining stars,

whose golden rays follow the fires of the day with the moon,

triple Hekate

Anyone who knows our ventures and will come to our aid when the spells and arts we witches wield,

I beg you to be present while I perform this work of vengeance on your behalf,

blessed Hecate, stay here with me”


Now say the following:

“Powers of love, hear me,

let this magic come true without a doubt,

let nothing and no one stand in my way,

for my spirit is made, my heart is steadfast,

I will cast this spell,

there is no way to undo this spell,

nor will it curse me, so be it.”

Now you may start the spell.

The lotus incense should already have burned, if not, consider what you want this spell to do for you with the rest of the incense stick. The red candles, chocolate candles, and pink candles should already be anointed with the vanilla extract, if not, do so now.

Light the rosewood incense stick. Also, grab the envelope and place it where it is within reach. You will need the envelope soon. Take the two red candles and the needle, and write your name and zodiac sign on one candle and your lover’s name and zodiac sign on the other candle, also write love runes on the candles.

Take photos too and place them under the candles. Then sing the following: “To my favorite, my dear.” Take the candle with your loved one’s name and signature on it and place it on the far right of your altar.

“I want to be united,” then take the candle with your name and signature on it and place it on the far left of your altar. “Eternal love and health I seek, our future bright and never gloomy.” Now take both candles and slowly move them to the center of your altar while chanting:

“Open up, be faithful to me,

love me deeply and never run away,

I will never hurt you or leave you,

we will unite as God and Goddess,

so let our love rise”

Now the candles should be touching and in the middle of your altar, take your charged wand and trace the infinity sign over the candles as you chant the following, passing the tip through the flames of the candles each time:

“Our feelings now intensify,
Never fear and never lie,
So we will stand the test of time,
for true love is not a crime,
and it to be truly told and done,
our loving wishes to be won”

Now, take the envelope, and put the pictures in the envelope along with the first 5 herbs.
Take the parchment and write this love talisman on it with the Doves blood ink and feather

E Z I L I – F R E D A – D A H O M E Y

Now light the rose cone incense and chocolate candle. Put the talisman in the envelope and take out the photos. Place the photos face to face so the faces are on top of each other, take the chocolate candle and use the wax, to melt the photos. together and paint runes of love on the back of the pictures.

Put the pictures back in the envelope. take each of the remaining herbs and hold them in your hand one by one, charge them with your intentions, then put the herbs in the envelope.

Take the rose quartz and charge it with your power and intentions, rub it on the outside of the envelope, then take the rose quartz and set it aside. If the pink incense cone hasn’t finished burning, blow it out and then light the dragon’s blood cone. The two red candles should still be burning. While blowing out the two red candles, chant:

“Even though the candle goes out,

this love will never suffer doubt,

the candle couple that we both always burn bright and true”

All the herbs and pictures should be in the envelope, now take some of your hair (not just a few strands, but not a big strand, just a small strand) and put it in the envelope, now light the candle rose and close the envelope. The pink candle needs to be anointed with vanilla. Close the envelope. Now use the pink candle and the chocolate candle to seal the envelope. After sealing the envelope, hold it in your hands and charge it. with your intentions.

Afterward, burn the envelope while chanting:

“Almighty goddess hear my prayer!
Lord of fire, fulfill my desire, times three
it is meant to be
direct (name of lover)s love unto only me
this is my will, so mote it be”

Take the ashes, and before throwing them into the wind, chant the following: “Queen of the Wind, I beg of you again, my spell, quite a feat, is now complete, please take these ashes of mine and carry them out one straight line,

Bring this to Venus, in her love, let her fulfill this desire that moves me, now I thank you, dear friend, my request is done, I will not waste your time anymore”

Now blow the ashes in the wind. Return to your altar and chant goodbye to the gods/goddesses you have summoned:

“Good fates have blessed my home,

kind fates have blessed my heart,

kind fates have blessed my loved ones,

I thank you with a humble heart,

I thank the Goddess for my life,

Thank Goddess for my love,

thank Goddess for the continuing blessings that are already on the way,

happy reunion,

happy goodbye and happy reunion,

So be it”

Blow out and store all the candles, store herbs and light your molten circle.

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