Real and Working Love


Casting Instructions for ‘Real and Working Love’

Draw a pentagram, (preferably one foot in diameter) the red candles on the first point, then the other on the second (Going clockwise) then put the two pinks on the next two points, and the white on the final. Light them and chant,

“Red for love, which he/she shall grow,
Pink for innocence and romance,
white for purity and chance”

Place the roses in the center of the pentagram then chant,
“Roses, scented ever so sweet,
the symbol of love,
attraction towards me he/she will feel,
the next time our eyes meet,
give me a sign from above,”

Place the chocolate over the roses,
“Sweet scent, taste, and smell,
he/she i desire shall grow an attraction to me,
do not let this love splinter or fraction,”

Move necklace through every flame then place it in the center also,
“All I ask is for a chance,
a chance at love,
please do not make this a pointless dance,
all i ask is for a chance.”

Put the necklace on and wear it until the the person does begin to like you. let the candles burn down. This spell works within a week.

You will need the following items for this spell:
  • 2 red roses
  • 2 pink roses
  • 2 white roses
  • 1 chocolate bar
  • 1 necklace
  • 1 white, two pink, and two red candles

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