Real Mermaid


Casting Instructions for ‘Real Mermaid’

Say 10 times while touching water:

“Mermaids with your lovely tails.
All our other spells have failed.
Combine your powers with the sea.
The water is our only key.
We’re getting bored with human lives.
We want to be in with the tides.
Mermaids when wet, humans when dry,
This is what we most desire.
We won’t change when we prespire.
With a top to match our tail.
This spell can never fail.

With the combined thoughts of to be mermaids embossed us forever.
Along with a tail we’ll get a great power,
I would like the power (insert power),
With the tail color of (insert tail color).
Whenever we touch water, 10 seconds later, the sea and the spell combine with me,
And fishy sales appear to see.
43 hours after saying this spell,
I will get my mermaid tail”

You will need the following items for this spell:
  • A symbol

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