~Siren Call~


Casting Instructions for ‘~Siren Call~’

Put Your Water In The Bowl And Put It In The Microwave For 2Minutes Then Pour 2 Spoons Of Salt Inside Then Mix Rapidly Until The Salt Disolves Next Put Your Shell In the Water (Be Careful) Wait 24 Hours. Have a nice sleep then when you awake take shell out and tie your rope around the shell however is best for you then when you go where ever you want to Seduce then sing either my song selected or your love song ~My Siren Song~: My Dear Saylor Come To Me Hear my Cry Hear My Plea The Sound Of Waves Crashing Near Set Sail My Lovelyyy Dear. He will notice you more!
You will need the following items for this spell:
  • -Any Type Sea Shell
  • -Salt
  • -Water
  • -String
  • -Microwave

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