Triple Goddess Love Spell


Casting Instructions for ‘Triple Goddess Love Spell’

First, start by lighting your red candle in a dimly lit room.
Next, write a short poem praising the Goddess followed by what you want in poem form as well. Be sure to state clearly what you want and thank the Goddess for her graciousness and consideration.
Once finished, fold paper towards you with the words on the inside. Now draw a Triple Goddess Sign on the outside (on the blank part facing you after you’ve folded it)
Turn it clockwise and fold it towards you again and draw a pentacle on the blank part facing you. Turn it over and write your name and birthdate on it.
Put it somewhere safe until your wish is granted. Should you change your mind or touch the paper before your wish is granted, burn the paper and scatter the ashes outside then start the spell all over again. Also burn it once your wish has been granted and thank the Goddess for her generosity.
You will need the following items for this spell:
  • •Red candle (optional)
  • •Pen (any color is fine)
  • •Sheet of recycled paper, preferably from a notebook

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