Willow Love


Casting Instructions for ‘Willow Love’

This is best if done during the waxing or full moon phase. Collect dirt where the person has stepped (preferably a whole footprint). Find a healthy willow tree to bury the dirt at. Dig a small hole near the base of the willow trunk. While picturing the person with you and happy, bury the dirt in the hole and vibrate these words:

”Green grass willow tree, take this sole I bring to the, grow his(her) love, grow for me, as green grows the willow tree”

Word of caution: When you do a love spell on someone they can backfire. This one in essence is using the love and life of the willow to help your love grow slowly. If something happens to the willow it happens to your love so it is best if you use a healthy young one on your own property 🙂

You will need the following items for this spell:
  • Dirt the person walked on
  • Copy of spell
  • 1 container for the dirt

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